Spring Cleaning Zipper Detail

Spring cleaning today I tried on all my little numbers- primarily dresses. Jeans are pretty done, I think I have maybe 2 pairs left that are passable- and tops still fit.

Here’s the deal, that I’d like to clarify- I only really bought a couple of ‘fat clothes’- otherwise, I was just wearing my clothes that started fitting my really tight- think….stuffed sausage. Therefore, because I’m back to my normal size- my clothes fit me normally, aside from the 1 or 2 things that are now getting bigger because I haven’t weighed in the 180’s since I was 17 years old, and I def don’t have THOSE clothes anymore.

So, on that note: all my dresses fit again, comfortably, and look great. But then there are a couple like this LBD:

Crazy story- a couple years ago when I’d bought this dress and worn it often, I remember calling a friend of mine over at 8 AM to zipper it up for me, because I was home alone and the hanger method wasn’t working for me.

Wasn’t until today that I realized it was too fitted from the get-go, because I was able to pull the zipper up myself, AND I’m holding about an inch of the dress to the side. Exciting!!

Only 18 lbs to go- I assume half-way through the 18, I’ll be swimming in everything, but you know what… I’m excited for it! AND, a little DIY: I’m planning on making SOMETHING out of all the clothes that don’t fit anymore- so stay tuned for that too!


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