digital marketing

In-Store Activation

Love an in-store-to-social/digital marketing campaign done right. Take Subway‘s partnership/CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiative with Diet Coke’s The Heart Truth for example. Whilst enjoying a healthy (I hope) sandwich option at Subway for lunch, grab a Diet Coke too, and simply “Sip.Snap. [They’ll] donate.” Via tweet or instagram, send a photo with your Subway sandwich […]


Why You MUST Be Social

I can’t stress it enough. No REALLY… how many times do I have to tell you guys? – The Social Formula + Pinterest – Social Strategy Done Right – this entire section of Social Media content If you need EVEN MORE assurance check out this infographic via @mediabistro – holistic FACTS about WHY YOUR BUSINESS MUST BE SOCIAL! Must read, […]


Center for Communications

I don’t know the deets on the number of people that effectively use CenCom, but I can vouch it is a hell of a networking, skill building organization revolving around anything “communications”. I’ve been attending their events and seminars since I found out about them in school, everything from Kids media and meeting the voice […]