In-Store Activation

Love an in-store-to-social/digital marketing campaign done right. Take Subway‘s partnership/CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiative with Diet Coke’s The Heart Truth for example.

Whilst enjoying a healthy (I hope) sandwich option at Subway for lunch, grab a Diet Coke too, and simply “Sip.Snap. [They’ll] donate.” Via tweet or instagram, send a photo with your Subway sandwich & DC bottle tagged with #subwayhearttruth, and Subway will donate $1 to heart health programs.

Although I was eating alone and couldn’t possibly…holding DC and sandwich….take a photo of myself with both, I tweeted a photo today of my lunch at Subway and really do hope they’ll donate a $1!

‏@La_Suazo All my love for @subway & @cocacola‘s @thehearttruth
#subwayhearttruth to donate $1 on behalf of my lunch!

And by the looks of it… I’m not the only one!

Not sure how long the partnership/social activation has been going on, but I hope Subway stays true and donates that $1 for every #subwayheartruth tweet… after all, it’s their CSR!

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