Center for Communications

I don’t know the deets on the number of people that effectively use CenCom, but I can vouch it is a hell of a networking, skill building organization revolving around anything “communications”.

I’ve been attending their events and seminars since I found out about them in school, everything from Kids media and meeting the voice of Elmo, to this panel that I went to more recently focusing on Digital Entrepreneurs NY Style, at Fordham University.

Want to guess who was on the panel? Appssavvy, Foursquare, SheFinds Media, Meetup and the lovely Stella Grizont of Ladies Who Launch hosted.

An awesome hour of learning everything they know. How they made it where they are the impact of digital, social and our generation. While many in the crowd we more techy people and developers, there were many social go-getters like moi, tweeting throughout and absorbing as much as possible about the social marketing aspect of these amazing business tech individuals.

Just a couple of books they recommended: The Dip, Being Digital, Rework and Bowling Alone.

Some quotes I tweeted:

– @denniscrowley is pretty hot 🙂 excited to hear all abt @foursquare@meetup @shefinds @appssavvy and moree!
– “It doesn’t have to happen overnight!” @chriscunningham@appssavvy @cencom
– Lmao! @scottheiferman CEO of @meetup is tooooo funny! @cencom #digitalentrepreneurs
– 18 million people play @farmville…per day @appssavvy CEO @cencom
– “Make your mistakes on someone elses dime!” @shefinds@michellemadhok

I highly recommend you look into CenCom if you’re interested in anything communications, including but not limited to FILMRADIO,  TELEVISIONPUBLIC RELATIONSMARKETINGMUSICADVERTISINGDIGITAL MEDIABOOKS AND AUTHORSMAGAZINE PUBLISHINGDESIGNJOURNALISM, and THEATER.

Hope to see you at an event/seminar/panel some day!


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