Duane Reade

Lady in Dunkin

Today on the Train #11 Every NYer, without even thinking, knows that you can find any of the following chains within a 2-3 block radius of any given street corner in Manhattan: According to a City Room story on the @NYTimes back in 2009, “Dunkin’ Donuts, which has more outlets in New York than any […]


In Te Grated

This is the kind of integrated marketing, advertising mixed with digital, that I L O V E to see. Interested in receiving accolades, prestige AND appear as our print ad in New York Magazine’s Summer Double Issue? Well then text your wittiest caption for this photo by texting “DR” to 30364. Thanks to Duane Reade and […]


Key Tags Galore

Um… just a quick observation: I have more friggin key tags on my key chain, than I do actual keys?!?? Does anyone else have this problem?? Mine include: Borders, Duane Reade, NYSC, NY & CO, A&P, CVS Extra Care… really? All these stupid “loyalty programs” I never see anything from!!?!? Is it really worth weighing down […]