Lady in Dunkin

Today on the Train #11

Every NYer, without even thinking, knows that you can find any of the following chains within a 2-3 block radius of any given street corner in Manhattan:

According to a City Room story on the @NYTimes back in 2009,

“Dunkin’ Donuts, which has more outlets in New York than any other business, has 88 more stores than it did a year ago (even accounting for the 12 that turned into Tim Hortons), bringing the total to 429.” God knows how many locations there are now.

Care to help me figure out why then, a very NYer looking woman that got on the 2 train this AM with me at 72nd Street, saw my medium hot coffee cup, and asked where I got my Dunkin’ from?

She really said something along the lines of, “yeah I never see any in this neighborhood.” I gave her an incredibly puzzled look, and simply responded that I don’t live in this neighborhood, but that I’m pretty sure “they’re around.” What I really wanted to say was, “HELLO LADY! (alla @ElvisDuran Show,) don’t you know Dunkin’ RUNS NYC?”

I really had to get to the bottom of this, because I couldn’t believe it. For reference, the West 72nd Street area zip code is 10023, and this is the area included:

When I googled Dunkin Donuts in the area, NOTHING came up. I did it again without the zip, zoomed in and again… NOTHING in that area. How strange right!

I STILL wasn’t convinced so I resorted to the Dunkin Store Locator, and lo and behold the closest DD in a 1 mile radius of 10023, is in the zip code 10024, which is north of 72nd (84th St to about 104th) on 86th and Amsterdam.

1. 535 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024

I’m totally dumbfounded and curious why. Is it a more Starbucks dominated neighborhood? The UWS would be honestly… but I feel like Dunkin’ wouldn’t stop from opening a location just because there may be a couple more Starbucks in the area.

Maybe they’ll read this and help us figure out why! That way next time I see the poor lady sans Dunkin’, I won’t look at her in such a confused what-rock-are-you-living-under look.

NYTimes Ref: Despite Recession, Large Retail Chains Expand in City [read more]

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