Hey Girl: Ryan-Gosling-it

Thank you developer geniuses with ladies’ boy crazy interests in mind! You’ve made my really tired day so… much… better. This is not a joke ladies. You can “Ryan Gosling” your web pages with the click of a bookmarklet thanks to Brooklyn-based web developer¬†Katherine Champagne¬†who created the extension while studying at Dev Bootcamp Chicago. Katherine […]



Trending 3 different ways on Twitter in NY and 1 worldwide (#happyvalentinesday)…. today is just a horrible horrible hallmark holiday; as well as Single Awareness Day! Thanks to Lulu for the inspiration: Join me in the movement to help save our singles! LMFAO how funny?!?!? RT & share all day with the hash #SAVDAY (Singles […]


Maison E. Goyard

well well, a chick finally came close enough to me on the train for me to try and decipher the handwritten designer of the tote I couldn’t name from this post>>. Google confirmed that what I thought read “Segoyard Paris”, really read Maison Goyard, Paris. Goyard totes! Praise jesus I finally figured it out! In […]