Maison E. Goyard

well well, a chick finally came close enough to me on the train for me to try and decipher the handwritten designer of the tote I couldn’t name from this post>>. Google confirmed that what I thought read “Segoyard Paris”, really read Maison Goyard, Paris. Goyard totes!

Praise jesus I finally figured it out!

In NYC, they seem to only be found at Bergdorf’s or Barney’s… go figure. Want to know why? Well the standard tote can run you about $500, forget the larger weekenders.

According to SheFinds I’m late on this… but hey- I only started seeing ladies wearing them in the past year. Pretty hard to come-by, I don’t know if they are special order- or just expensive or too exclusive- but see the range of prices by style on eBay.

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