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MetroCard Stages of Grief

That’s it folks, I’m self-diagnosing. I’ve been in MetroCard Damage Grief for the past couple of days, and as of 9:00 this morning I’ve finally reached acceptance. For reference, the 5 stages of grief, or DABDA, per Kubler-Ross, are: Denial | Anger | Bargaining | Depression | Acceptance Monday morning I made the bold, smart, and “economic” decision to purchase […]


Staten Island Ferry

Bored today? Want to do something for FREE? Well, just hop your booty on the 1 train (may be your only cost, unless you have an unlimited) and head down to the last stop…South Ferry! Exit near the Whitehall Terminal- and look for the MASSIVE portal to the STATEN ISLAND FERRY! Ferry’s go from South […]