Last Night on the Train

I’m no New York hater, I love my city (and I don’t even live in it.)

To put it lightly, I bleed blue (and green) and totally believe it’s a concrete jungle where dreams are made of. And just as sure as I am of the latter, I am sure lots of NYers like me are aware of the crazy that NYC can be, and while they may not embrace it… I hope they aren’t in denial. I know I am not, but I can be pleasantly surprised. Take last night for example…on the train from crazyville.

I have never sensed so much crazy in one train car, in 40 minutes, to-date.

Here’s an inventory list for your convenience:

– 1 honk-if-you-love-jesus guy giving away a dollar to whoever could guess the “most dangerous job in America” (he really gave the dollar away)

– 1 crazy couple keeping rats as pets…they had blue rats and orange rats…it was quite disturbing


– 1 crazy lady entertaining said rat-couple…I believe they were talking about her ratty looking puppy (that could “sense something was wrong” on the train)

– 1 old man nearly having a heart attack when he saw the rats

– 1 beeper… (really?!)


– 1 group of 4 rowdy Dominicans shouting “hey jesus!” to the white guy on the other side of the train with long Jesus-looking hair

– 2 of the rowdy male Dominicans staring at me…hard

– 1 rowdy Dominican chic braiding one of the male Dominicans’ beard?!

I didn’t write this post last night because I really hoped it was all a dream but then I saw the pics on my phone this morning…it all really happened.

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