Staten Island Ferry

Bored today? Want to do something for FREE? Well, just hop your booty on the 1 train (may be your only cost, unless you have an unlimited) and head down to the last stop…South Ferry! Exit near the Whitehall Terminal- and look for the MASSIVE portal to the STATEN ISLAND FERRY!

Ferry’s go from South Ferry to the St George Terminal in Staten Island… ALL DAY LONG- and the ride is free, check out the frequency>>; Staten Islanders have it GOOD right? Well not really, because the “ferry” is massive and orange:

heinousness aside, views and photos like this are guaranteed.

Tips? Have SOMETHING planned for when you get to Staten Island- unless you’re just going for the water ride. I was under the impression, St George Terminal would be as bustling as South Ferry, negative.

You can plan ahead, or head out early and discover on your own. For example, right outside the terminal, you can catch a glimpse of the 9/11 memorial, which frames the NYC skyline, must-see honestly. Read more>>

You can also look into visiting the Staten Island Museum Staten Island Zoo, or grab tickets to watch a Staten Island Yankees game.

Hope you can take time out and explore. You’re aren’t a true NYer until you’ve seen most of this amazing state- it’s not just about Manhattan.


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