Blues of SoMe

Ever noticed that most of the Social Media networks’ logo’s are some shade of blue? I was revamping my res a bit last night- for the sake of not having to catch up too much at the end of the year- and in adding to the aesthetics of it, I considered the entire color palette.

I’m known for my social buttons to the top of my resume ( I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about them), so the extras to the res had to somehow match the buttons. A bit annoying that the only colors I could choose were shades of BLUE! Wonder why?!

Did some research, hoping there would be a McDonald’s ‘red & yellow make you hungry’ solution to it, to no avail. Maybe blue makes you MORE social, but not really- not ACTUALLY social, but social to the extent of social media- not actually verbalizing. Any ideas?

Here’s the SoMe Blues part of my res:

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