Bypass Jetlag

I’ve had the leisure of not being tormented by jetlag… don’t know why. Maybe because I’m meant to travel through the rest of my life? Sounds good to me!

Other than being able to wake up on time though, a kick of espresso never hurts, it just helps… a lot! So Thabo picked up this Nespresso before I arrived Thursday, and it is the BEST espresso I’ve ever had!

I am praying to the coffee gods, that I can get it in NYC! 

Geneve has been amazing otherwise- in the hours I’m WIDE AWAKE from Nespresso. Jewelers on left bank are bananas: Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Piaget, and more.

Everyone is always on time as you know Geneve is the HOUSE OF TIME. All clocks are on the same time, and oddly, time flies.

Le Paquis, the red light district. um…. women, in windows, on display.  Def not a walk you take alone, but interesting to walk through.

Also spent time in the precious little Vieille Ville, can we say cobblestone? Starting to think that once you’ve seen one cobblestone old town… you’ve seen them all. But still… so enchanting. Pics to come…

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