Beyonce: the well-oiled machine

This woman, brand rather, can do no wrong. First of all, kudos to her marketing people for finally getting her on twitter and a “for-the-fans” blog, well because duh… why not. But really, her “Beyhive“? It’s perfect. Fantastic marketing and branding, witty, alluring, irresistible and as powerful and influential as Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters. It’s a cult, a superior following.Β Fans love it.Β They eat it up, non-stop. Four tweets and the woman has a following of close to 7M minions, the power at her disposal isn’t even fair. She is, hands down, Queen Bey. It goes without saying that even just … Continue reading Beyonce: the well-oiled machine

JETS Fan Today, Not Gone Tomorrow!

First time for everything right? I was a cheerleader in HS, so obviously I know the game… but do I follow it alla Monday Night Football (sit-at-a-bar-Sunday)? Not really. Well I haven’t at least consistently. Have I favored the Giants over the Jets before the championship game? Not really, except for the lovely face of Mark Sanchez. Mark & Me via Toyota Presents! Read more>> Seriously though, never ever watched a Giants game, so I guess I def had preference for the JETS. Anyway, GAME DAY, game deciding the fate of the team to go to the SUPERBOWL, and I … Continue reading JETS Fan Today, Not Gone Tomorrow!