JETS Fan Today, Not Gone Tomorrow!

First time for everything right? I was a cheerleader in HS, so obviously I know the game… but do I follow it alla Monday Night Football (sit-at-a-bar-Sunday)? Not really. Well I haven’t at least consistently.

Have I favored the Giants over the Jets before the championship game? Not really, except for the lovely face of Mark Sanchez.

Mark & Me via Toyota Presents! Read more>>

Seriously though, never ever watched a Giants game, so I guess I def had preference for the JETS. Anyway, GAME DAY, game deciding the fate of the team to go to the SUPERBOWL, and I decided I wanted to go and watch the JETS (try to) make history.

Next stop, Modell’s, for a Mark Sanchez jersey #6; uber hard to come by the day of the game… it was either a Men’s XXXL or a kids M or L. Luckily I’ve lost weight eh…. so I fit in the kids L, SCORE!

Here were the 2 options that I took to FB/Twitter for friends and followers’ opinions:

While the opinions swayed straight to the tee (check out how much larger my chest looks), I chose the jersey.

The girls and I watched the game down at Central Bar, and had an amazing time. Although they lost, I think I might have fallen for the sit-in-a-bar-Sunday fun, and you better believe I’ll be following them next season!

It also doesn’t hurt that a lot of hot men watch Football :). While they are normally fixated on the 60’’ HD, there are always commercials and half-time right? Can I get an AMEN?


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