Trending all morning today, and well still…way longer than just an hour, and boy o boy the confessions that are comin’ a’spewing out!! Should we rehash to #ConfessionDAY? Here are a few of my favs:

– MzKittie88 Andrea W:  #confessionhour I just split my pants @ work and don’t know how it happened ☹

– celizabethc09 ※€lízäbèth※§ : If your man calls you his #sidechick you have the right to#kickhisass#confessionhour

– VOnnaz_Asweetie ShaVonna: #ConfessionHour I’m falling for him…Even though I don’t want to. I should be seeking God! : /
– Lala_Monro LalaLouboutin Monroe:  #ConfessionHour I Spend Most Of My Money On Food Lol
– missmonabona: WorldOfMona: #confessionhour I actually have a “twitter crush” on 2 of me followers. Bahahaha sad I know!

– JaneCollymore Jane Collymore : My leg hair grows faster in tropical climates #confessionhour

– TWlTTERWHALE Fail Whale: #ConfessionHour I still check my Myspace to make sure Tom is still alive.

…and some of mine

– La_Suazo Alexandra Suazo: #confessionhour #nowplaying “Baby” @justinbieber

– #confessionhour I totally would have used #bieberly had they not been ‘lawyered’! Nice try! http://www.bieber.ly

– #confessionhour I’m scouting a BF, preferably about 6’0.


…happy confessing to the twitter birds and whales!!

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