weight loss goal

One Resolution

…and one resolution only. Another year come and gone and what did you do? While I don’t normally DO much from year to year, it doesn’t help to set yourself up for failure if you do set hard core “resolutions.” Last year I explained, “I don’t like referring to New Years resolutions, as “resolutions” because it […]


Back to Bikram

…Or back to BASICS really- with a slight advantage. As much as I loved Bikram when I started, and how it helped jump start my weight loss- I was struggling to do the positions well and efficiently, I thought, because of my big ol tummy…. remember when I started? Read more>> So I’ve spent the […]


Feb 1 Goal

4 lbs short of my Feb.1 goal, not a happy camper. As of today though, I’ve lost 39.4 lbs, that’s a hell of a progress if I do say so myself! Why I didn’t make it or lose more? Well I think I’m slacking on the gym- I need to go 5-6 times a week […]