Back to Bikram

…Or back to BASICS really- with a slight advantage. As much as I loved Bikram when I started, and how it helped jump start my weight loss- I was struggling to do the positions well and efficiently, I thought, because of my big ol tummy…. remember when I started? Read more>>

So I’ve spent the past month and half gyming it up and have lost 51 lbs to date- which I’m super excited about. Every now and then though I plateau- so I thought, what better way to get a jump start into the REST of the weight loss, than going back to Bikram.

I went last night… the night that everyone and their mother decided to start- so the room was def over booked, and while the room is set to a temp of 105 degrees, it felt more like 205, bible.

In case, you didn’t know… this is the type of sweating that’s induced… all    over   your   body!

I tell you though- what a difference the weight loss has made… every position was THAT much easier. I’ve always been flexible, really. BUT again, a lot of the moves require folding yourself, and hell with 50 lbs of stomach fat and/or fat in other places in your way, it’s not easy. I’ve created a workout schedule, which I’m hoping to stick to through my birthday goal- including Bikram almost every other day. They suggest 3-4 times a week for successful results (weight loss wise). Finger crossed!


  1. Christine

    I was doing Birkam last summer. I got a groupon for an unlimited month of Bikram and fell in love but had the same problems. I have lost 23lbs so far and I hope when I go back, I have a similar experience! Congrats on your 51lbs!!!

    1. Alexandra Suazo

      Awesome! It’s a little too much to do EVERY day. But def something to do 3-4 times a week to get the water weight off, and tone up- good contrast to the weight work I do at Total Body Conditioning, NYSC- Thanks for following!!! Do you have a blog?

      1. Christine

        I do. Right now it is inactive because I was using it for a social media class. It will start up again next week because my last class is specifically on blogging. I will keep you posted.

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