One Resolution

…and one resolution only. Another year come and gone and what did you do? While I don’t normally DO much from year to year, it doesn’t help to set yourself up for failure if you do set hard core “resolutions.” Last year I explained, “I don’t like referring to New Years resolutions, as “resolutions” because it makes the goal too concrete, like, if you don’t complete by the 31stof the end of that year… you are a complete and utter failure.”

So my solution was to set GOALS for myself before the end of the year, and choose deadlines within the new year… as I see fit/going along.

Last NYE, for 2011, one of my major GOALS was to lose almost 95 lbs by my birthday, June 12th 2011, which was a ridiculous goal for 6 months. Whether you followed my weight loss or not, it’s taken more than a year to lose about 78 lbs, and while I’m not done, I’d REALLY like to be done by this year’s bday! 15 lbs in 6 months is WAY more reasonable, possible, and I WILL DO IT.

Check me out Dec 31st of 2010, and of 2011 last night. The difference in my face alone is crazy. I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished, and only hope to be DONE by 6/12/12, and maintain for the rest of my life.

I’ve heard it said that the way a woman’s body looks at 25 sets a precedent for the rest of her life. Meaning that a woman in horrible shape and overweight is going to have way more trouble losing the weight after 25, than if she were more fit and healthy going into their late 20’s. That being said, I’m sure there are tons of ladies getting ready to #takethegymback, get a gym membership, and work hard for 2012, and hopefully not fall off. Kudos to all that do!

If I may though… a small suggestion? Don’t create a to-do list (goals) for the year like I did last year. While you may check off one or two throughout the year, losing weight, actually working hard at the gym, eating right etc. is a part-time job in itself. I’ve honestly barely had the brain capacity to do much more than work, and workout.

Therefore, if you’re going to DO THIS #makeitcount and take it seriously. Be healthy, love yourself, and just do it (waddup @Nike!) for YOURSELF.

Happy 2012 my loves!




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