I Don’t Have a Green Thumb

SO. I got a one of those “good-luck- money-tree- asian-bamboo” plants back in Fall ’09 for a close friend’s parents’ wedding. I decided I’d nurture it, and watch it grow- and hope it’d being me luck and money and whatever.

The plant came in like a 5in tall little “vase” with like an inch diameter. LOL- yea it definitely outgrew that within a year. So it was time to move it into something larger- which I initially decided would be this like 8 x 3 planter- with 2 holes at the bottom. I bought a bag of the mini rocks- which it seems comfortable in- LOL- but I didn’t think it through very clearly- didn’t get any lining or anything- IDK I laid down a piece of plastic bag- figured the water couldn’t POSSIBLY get through and leak right? WRONG. It managed to leak. But did look pretty for a little while-

I was convinced that the plant looked great in that thing and had to find a solution!

I then decided that I had plaster in my make-shift “toolbox” and thought I could shove some paper towel in the holes- like you would a wall that needed to be filled with plaster- except I forgot it’s newspaper that it sticks better to- seal it with a hot glue gun then plaster it – because it would harden.

Well 30 mins and shit show later- I got nothing.

So I decided I’d dump it in a Starbucks mug (I have several never used at home- from when my sister worked there).

And that’s where it was planted for a while. One random day I was in $1 store and found  a pot for $1- had to buy- switched the poor thing out one more time- and that’s where it has sat since- looks great and has grown to 8 leaves!

Money and luck in my future? Maybe. Another Suaz Moment to the list- DEFINITELY. I’m usually VERY thorough too- don’t know WHAT happened here.

P.S I should create a HOW NOT TO category for my blog… LOL

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