Lush Virgin, No More!

Went to Lush for the first time today… not quite sure what took so long!

Thought I’d kill 2 birds with 1 stone tonight and tell you about my first time at Lush, in my FIRST video ever! Hope you love it… but please let me know what you REALLY think!

There’s a DIY mani I highlight in there… that was an awesome buy! It’s called “Lemony Flutter“, a cuticle butter to help you keep your nails looking fab all the time! Associate also told me that it’s great for your feet; must try!

xo Suaz


  1. Shanella

    =) yay! First video and it’s a haul video.

    I’m glad you like the product and want to get more =D The Lush Times is super helpful in understanding their products and how to use them. Have fun!

  2. administrator

    I LOVE Lush! I have family in Canada, where Lush is from, and before they made their way to the US i couldn’t wait to get up the the great white north to indulge in there awesome products. Oh! And I have that lemon stuff its amazing! I also am a fan of the Daddy-O shampoo for blondes! Love the video too! 🙂

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