Starbucks EatWhatever Giveaway

Oh you didn’t know that I’m hosting a giveaway?! Well get to “entering” so you have the chance to win! WHO: Suazmo, EatWhatever, and Starbucks Giftcard (purchased by moi, Starbucks is not involved in any way.) WHAT: Giveaway- the perfect pairing, a $15 GC to Starbucks AND packs of EatWhatever. Make face with your boy, girl, crush what-have-you, […]



Trending all morning today, and well still…way longer than just an hour, and boy o boy the confessions that are comin’ a’spewing out!! Should we rehash to #ConfessionDAY? Here are a few of my favs: – MzKittie88 Andrea W:  #confessionhour I just split my pants @ work and don’t know how it happened ☹ – celizabethc09 ※€lízäbèth※§ […]