So… I’ve recently fallen in love with Avocados, and I just don’t know what to do about it. I never liked them as the supplement to the typical rice, beans, chicken and side salad dominican meal. It wasn’t until I fell in love with Mexican food and Guacamole a couple years back, that I ever thought about avocados in an intimate way.

I’ve had my fair share of guacamole without thinking of the calories because it just seems so damn healthy… but now that I’m on this eating regiment, I think about all my foodlationships a little more. I thought, since I started the regimen, a little avocado in my salad (specifically the Pret A Manger Chicken Avocado Salad) would be ok… turns out it’s a bit much!

According to the Medifast gods (the program I’m on), which I asked yesterday on Twitter:

“…Although it is not generally recommended, 1 oz (ab 1/7th) of avocado can be counted as a healthy fat choice.”

I then asked:

Could having more than that put a damper on weight loss? RT @Medifast Although it is not generally recommended, 1 oz of avocado can be cou..

…and they responded:

“@la_suazo It could, because it’s more fat than you should be having :(”

Therefore, as of today, I’m limiting my daily avocado consumption to a once-weekly consumption MAX… maybe not even as often, and to 1 oz. as they’ve recommended.

But just to put it out there… avacados are and will always be a bit of a guilty pleasure. I grew to love them, and I can’t do much about it. As the California Avocado Commission states, avocados are…

” – the perfect food. With their flavor, texture, nutritional value and culinary versatility, California Avocados might be one of nature’s highest achievements.”

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