The Tebow Effect

You know you’ve done something BIG when you have more than one hashtag in the top US twitter trends on any given day. Yes, I’m talking about theΒ announcement of Tebow’s waive from the Jets this AM. 4 out of 10 trending in the US?! That’s news folks, that’s news. It’s safe to say that with Tebow’s entrance and exit, the New York Jets reaped exactly what I think they always wanted from the poor guy:Β headlines, top twitter trends, jersey’s, ticket sales. When asked on her view of the Jets dropping Tebow and picking Geno Smith in the 7th pick of … Continue reading The Tebow Effect

JETS Fan Today, Not Gone Tomorrow!

First time for everything right? I was a cheerleader in HS, so obviously I know the game… but do I follow it alla Monday Night Football (sit-at-a-bar-Sunday)? Not really. Well I haven’t at least consistently. Have I favored the Giants over the Jets before the championship game? Not really, except for the lovely face of Mark Sanchez. Mark & Me via Toyota Presents! Read more>> Seriously though, never ever watched a Giants game, so I guess I def had preference for the JETS. Anyway, GAME DAY, game deciding the fate of the team to go to the SUPERBOWL, and I … Continue reading JETS Fan Today, Not Gone Tomorrow!