Eye Heart Sears Optical

Sears Optical, the optical division of Sears, much like Costco‘s optical etc, is an alternative to buying expensive eyewear from LensCrafters, for example– if I’m not mistaken, Sears offers lower prices just like the normal store does.

I am in love with this campaign, straight creative flow, unlike the static, “hip-with-the-times” “EYE HEART LC” that LensCrafter recently dropped…

…the Sears Optical “Missing Something” hits home to any blind American. Quick, smart and refreshing, the creatives at Sponge Agency (check them out on YouTube) have hit a grand slam with this bad boy, embodying what true TV ad camps should be like (in a pretty boring category), AND by far the most memorable of Sears commercials I’ve seen around in years.

Here are 3 of my favs, what do you think?

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