I promise that I am writing this from THE MOST unbiased place in my mind that I can. Many people know I love the Kardashians, but many people also know I have my reasons, and hate discussing it because it always comes down to WHY I love them. People think it’s because of the fake […]


How to Shop a Sale Rack

Think you know? Most have NO idea. Listen, I love the finer things in life… really. “I’ve never really been one for the preservation of money…”- Drake (and I.) BUT right now… no way I’m fooling myself that I can afford the life and things I want. So there’s NOTHING wrong with looking for savings […]


Eye Heart Sears Optical

Sears Optical, the optical division of Sears, much like Costco‘s optical etc, is an alternative to buying expensive eyewear from LensCrafters, for example– if I’m not mistaken, Sears offers lower prices just like the normal store does. I am in love with this campaign, straight creative flow, unlike the static, “hip-with-the-times” “EYE HEART LC” that LensCrafter […]