Workout Overdrive

No, no bueno. Something I was lucky enough to know and understand when I started my journey down this tough tough world of ‘losing weight’- mostly because I had a couple of trainer friends that were actually trying to get me down this road a looooong time ago. I’ve also been very athletic from school/college- I did play sports and wasn’t always as overweight as I was when I had my revelation back in December 2010- see my progress>>.

Any who, I can see how people can jump into wanting to have a “beach bod” or just get healthy quickly and hit a workout overdrive- where you’re just tiring your body, muscles and mind- and not actually maximizing your endurance/ burning as many calories/fat as you could be.

One thing I learned was that you only really need about 30 mins of cardio a day- you don’t need to kill yourself at the gym. I also learned through trying CrossFit that it’s all about functional movements when training and that you don’t need to spend 2 hours at the gym to prove you DID something. Def keep this in mind- and vary your workouts- I’ve done everything from Bikram Yoga to Spinning, CrossFit, Kettlebells, Zumba, elliptical, treadmill, floor work (abs), total body conditioning and more.

Really, your muscles have an amazing memory- and if y0u don’t challenge them, as would happen if YOU weren’t challenged- you’d get pretty bored and your production level would flush down the toilet.

Back in March, I read a piece in MyMetro, ‘mywellbeing’ section, “Beware of Workout Overdrive”- great short piece on allowing your body to get ready to take on more and more challenges- they interviewed trainer Nicole Glor who mentions,

“Start slow and isolate muscle groups with toning workouts for the whole body for 45 minutes every other day, or, for just the upper body for 30 minutes– and another day, do lower body for 30 minutes.” Read more from the article here>>

Where are my hard working weight loss friends at?!? What’s your workout routine like?

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