Tie Your Belt?

Gone are the days when anyone wears anything the “right” way. I cannot remember where/who I recently saw this- but tying a belt, with a buckle, instead of fastening. Tried it this morning- kind of loved the look! What do you think?

Not to mention, I really just needed a solution for the cardigan and belt which are now too big on me. Talk about awesome ways to make your clothes work after weight loss! Love how nicely it worked out…

Unfortunately for me- this skinny belt is on it’s last leg- and the back of it is peeling off in chunks :(, tying it- isn’t helping the cause. So I’ve taken it off at this point of the day- but def a style worth redoing with a new skinny belt!

Try it out, take a pic & tweet it to me @La_Suazo! I’d love to see and I’ll start an album!

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