Will He Is: CrossFitter & Trainer

I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about it- my big loss, 61lbs– only 18 to go- and who’s going to help me get there in an “8 Weeks to Wonder Woman” challenge? (in this instance… superwoman :))

…one of my newest BF’s from Texas, loyal CrossFitter and now Trainer,

Will Lanier.

Also, if I may- social media junkie like myself! OH, and, he’s absolutely gorgeous? (click on his name to learn more)

Our goal, via a slightly edited diet and working out 6 days a week, will have me at my goal of 165 lbs in 8 weeks! Think I can do it!? While I have very slight doubt… Will is on board 100 percent and told me 3 things:

1. quit worrying
2. it’s not a numbers game
3. trust me. the end.

Any who, to what we’re here for: I had 5 questions for him- that I HAD to ask, and that I thought you all would be interested in and that would benefit your healthy lifestyle kickoff!

Be sure to read through as his recommendations for the habitually late get-in-shape-for-the-summer people are fantastic!

1. Have you always been a fit, healthy guy? Either way, what keeps you motivated?

Weighing in at a little over 9 lbs when I was born, you would have thought there was no hope. But I’ve gotta hand it to my parents – I was involved in sports at a young age. I think I was about 4 years old when I joined my first soccer team…from then on out I was involved in every sport you could think of. I’d like to think that I’ve always had a great diet – but it wasn’t until a few years ago when I actually started to really give a rip about what I put in my body…over the past year I’ve really cracked down and have started to be an advocate for proper diet and nutrition.

Motivation comes from everywhere – Hollywood really serves up some great motivation via Photoshop and great lighting – so you can push yourself and push yourself to look like Gerard Butler in 300 but you’ll never get there…but its a great carrot to dangle in front yourself.

2. Why CrossFit? When did you start, and why don’t you switch it up with other workouts?

CrossFit – wow. Where to even start? I was introduced to CrossFit in June 2010. I drank the Kool-Aid on day 1 and haven’t looked back. The definition of CrossFit is a workout that is “constantly variedfunctional movement performed at high-intensity.” CrossFit is functional. You lift things. You carry things. You run to/from things. You climb things. This is life. Sitting in a nice cool gym doing a preacher curl seems so foreign and, dare I say, irrelevant now.

3. Have you had a goal set as per the way you want to look? Have you reached it? If not, how much longer? Is there someone you use as inspiration?

There’s no benchmark. The goal is to be happy with how I look, what I eat, and the decisions in fitness that I make. There’s always somewhere to go in health and fitness. You can be more flexible, be stronger, more agile, more ripped, jump higher, run faster…

Inspiration for me is The Biggest Loser. These people are taking charge of their lives, making the right changes, and running fearless into the fire.

4. For the uber busy that can’t always make it to the gym, can you suggest one exercise they can do at home?

One word. Burpees. It incorporates pretty much every moving part of the body. Arms, legs, hips, abs…

5. Finally, for the Last-Minute-Lucy’s- 5 quick tips to feel sexier this summer – even if you won’t have the beach bod by memorial day.

1. Cut the crap. You don’t need a pastry with your Starbucks. You don’t need the bread and butter at the table. Avoid “diet” foods/drinks sweetened with sugar alcohols.  They can cause stomach bloating. (Look for “-ol” endings on ingredients, such as sorbitol.)
2. Take the stairs. Yes – even the monster staircase at the 51st/Lexington Station.
3. At the grocery store, shop the perimeter. Its where all the healthy food is…trust me.
4. Turn off the TV. Step away from the computer. Get outside and walk.
5. Stay motivated. If you need motivation to keep up a good routine…join a group, hire a trainer…you have to have someone to hold you accountable.

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Thanks Will! I’m sure you’ll be motivating many, not just moi! And HEY, my little Suazette’s…stay tuned as I blog alla #8WksWonderWoman.

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