Fun in the… GNC?

Oh yes.

My push to lose the rest of my fat… is on! Commencing tomorrow with Masta Traina Will! (LOL). Here is my diet before Will’s edits… MediFast inspired and transitioned off of- that has helped me through all these months, I know a few people have been curious too:

I eat 6 times a day: 7-8AM, 10AM, 12PM, 3PM, 5PM, 7-8PM, all are 100 cal meals, sans 1 which is the rest of my cals- grilled chicken and veggies usually- or a chicken salad we’ll call it my “lean green”.

BREAKFAST: egg whites OR Oatmeal – banana depending on how hungry I woke up

10AM, 3PM, 5PM: (100 cal options)- Soy latte OR 90/110 “bars” (Special K, Fiber One), OR Yogurt, OR Almonds OR a shake etc… 100-110 cal options

DINNER: Veggie soup OR Lean Green meal OR a Smoothie – Dinner depends on when I get home/go to the gym/if I have the lean green for lunch etc.

WILL’S EDITS, Keep everything the same EXCEPT:
– NO Oatmeal
– NO Soy Lattes – black coffee only (I’m trying!), no sugar, no sweet and low, no equal, nada
– NO 90/110 Bars – instead beef jerky (which I’m swapping for sliced deli turkey) OR 1/2 cup of cottage cheese (which I’m swapping out for Greek Fage yogurt) with 1/2 a peach OR 1 can of white albacore tuna w/lemon juice
– NO Alcohol
– NO Diet Coke – (sadly, “diet coke spikes the insulin level even though there’s no REAL sugar in it…your body thinks it does and goes wacko”- Will)

More of his suggestions included:

A shake preferably the Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydro Whey Protein Supplement: Drinking it post workout (cardio or otherwise) it helps to rebuild what you’re breaking down.
Fish Oil Supplement, which is an anti-inflammatory which will help with EVERYTHING health- about 1000mg a day- which was why he recommended fish oil- but I just cannot stomach it, so I got 900mg capsules. Massive mothers, (relative to a pen):

So my job for this weekend was to get my shake, fish oil, and new shaker before my hardcore 8 week program starts, (tomorrow)- I had fun at GNC!

Love my pink Blender Bottle, got the 1lb container of Hydro Whey, and the Triple Strength Fish Oil– oh and that little pod? Funny story.

That’s the new Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm! 95% organic, 100% natural. Saw a girl using it on the train- not knowing what it was- and I bump into it at GNC! Love love love. Great balm- and such a cute, fun packaging and way of applying!  I got the Summer Fruit flavor! #musttry

Any who, wish me luck! 16 lbs in 8 weeks, the “8 Weeks to Wonder Woman” challenge: follow me on Twitter about it #8wkswonderwoman, I’ll also have my workout sched in a calendar on the sidebar!

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