Fresh & Co

Social Networking gone right! For those that underestimate, or don’t estimate social media at all, you’re dead wrong. Really.

I work near Penn Station- lucky for me, I have SO many options for food, and while I do switch it up here and there, there are only a few places I’ve decided to go to that accomodate my recent healthy lifestyle initiative; Fresh & Co NYC being one.

After checking-in on Foursquare several times a week, I started getting their twitter attention and before I knew it we were tweeting back and forth on the daily! Fun, fun! Noticed on their blog that they featured guest bloggers… something I’ve been looking to delve into big time! They DM’d me, I met the Dir. of Marketing- we hit it off, and we worked on an awesome piece: taking my weight loss, mixing it with the healthy and fresh that is Fresh & Co, and putting our followers up to the challenge, the #SaladChallenge! Check it out>>

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