The Not-So Little Skirt

Was attempting to wear this skirt this morning…to no avail.

Bought it probably over a year ago, and can only recall wearing it once, maybe twice- from Old Navy. Def didn’t fit back in July 2010 because I would have taken it to Puerto Rico with me but didn’t. It’s a size 14.

Exciting to say the least… although I will say, I’m not doing the “I lost all my weight” shopping spree, and all these clothes not fitting are becoming a problem.

Anyway, I owe a lot of the weight loss to working out- which reminded me of this piece I read on Cosmo about 7 Common Workout Mistakes which I think are SO important, because the best way to lose, is to bust your butt at the gym (and eat right of course)- so you must maximize gym time and do your exercises correctly.

Mistake #1: You don’t think about your tongue when you do sit-ups.- I actually tried this at the gym- pressing your tounge up to the roof of your mouth alleviates the pressure you create in your neck when you aren’t using your abs to do crunches (which defeats the purpose of crunches)! –Suaz

Mistake #2: You stretch before cardio.
Mistake #3: You lift the same weights every time.
Mistake #4: You do real push-ups. – “Fake” “Girly” push-ups are equally as difficult! Take it from me, the weak-upper-body-girl! –Suaz

Mistake #5: You prep with a pre-gym snack. –I learned the hard way in Bikram Yoga- not to eat before working out. No bueno= burping and (when you really bust your butt) the sensation of vomiting, if not actually. -Suaz

Mistake #6: You overindulge afterwards. -A protein shake is good enough 100-120 cals…builds back up what you lost working out… that you actually need! -Suaz

Mistake #7: You don’t weigh yourself. – While I don’t weigh myself everyday, at least once a week is a must to track progress. Without doing that I couldn’t share this… my progress since Dec. 2nd:

Dec. 2:  244
Dec. 6:  233
Dec. 8:  229
Dec.12: 228.9
Dec.13: 224.8
Dec.18: 223
Dec.20: 222
Dec.21: 221.6
Dec.28: 221
Dec.31: 217.6
Jan. 4:  217.4
Jan. 5:  216.8
Jan. 7:  215
Jan.11: 213.6
Jan.14: 212.8
Jan.17: 212.2
Jan.18: 209.4
Jan.24: 206.6
Feb. 1: 204.6
Feb. 9: 204.2
Feb.14: 201.8
Feb.16: 200.8
Mar. 1: 197.4
Mar. 2: 194.8
Mar.16: 192
Apr 4: 189.8
Apr.7: 188.7
Apr.14: 187.6
Apr. 20: 186
Apr 31: 180
Hit a plateau in May weighing in anywhere between 185-183

Original Total Weight-Loss Goal: 165 by my birthday, June 12th
Reassessed: 165 by July 16th, last day of 8 weeks to Wonder Woman starting May 23rd

May 23: 183.8
May 25: 178.6

**13.6 to go!!
July 16: 165

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