Lenny’s NYC

Slim-pikins round these parts for healthy eating. By these parts I’m referring to my immediate neighborhood from work, midtown Manhattan. I’d say I have 4 main places I frequent for lunch or small snacks including:

– Fresh & Co (have you heard about the #saladchallenge? Must try!! Read more>>
– Hale & Hearty (Ten Veg Soup! Medium is only 110 cals!)
– Guy & Gallard (Slammin grilled chicken with veggies, and tuna)
– Starbucks/DuaneReade (Iced Coffee, Almonds)

…and I think I’ve found one more to round out my Top 5!

Lenny’s NYC, and of course they’re like one block away! Went yesterday to try out a chicken salad- it was good and haaaa UGE!

Great service, fast and efficient, but definitely more of a sandwich spot, SO many options for what sounded like amazing sandwich’s, not as many options for salads though. They do have an option for one meat with sides, but none of the sides are very healthy (mac & cheese etc). Doesn’t mean it isn’t good! I just didn’t try it.

Nothing’s wrong with a lean, healthy sandwich though on a whole grain bread though so I’d definitely recommend you try it out!

Thanks to @LennysNYC for the love on Twitter- I’ll be sure to use it up, especially because I didn’t grab an Iced Coffee!

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