Eat Eggs like Rocky

Well sort of, not ACTUALLY:

For the past few months I’ve acquired the taste for egg whites. Never was a big egg eater in general- used to always just get bacon and cheese on a bagel. Only ate moms’ very well done scrambled eggs, if ever.

It wasn’t until I started Losing It, that I learned how important breakfast is, and that it shouldn’t be wasted on carbs and fat (bagel n schmear), but PROTEIN; my new BFF. Almost every morning- depending on whether I work out or not, have a protein shake or not – I have an egg white “omelet” (I only add a couple slices of tomato), about 3 servings (30 cals/ 1/4cup).

Side note, weight loss tip: Try to eat protein with every meal of the day.

Why Egg Whites? They are prized as a source of low-fat and high protein nutrition! “[Egg Whites] consist mainly of about 10% proteins dissolved in water. Its primary natural purpose is to protect the egg yolk and provide additional nutrition for the growth of the embryo, as it is rich in proteins, though it contains almost no fat, unlike the egg yolk, which has a high fat value” Read more>>

So, checking out my handy dandy egg white carton the other day, whilst egg whites cooked, I stumbled on a protein smoothie recipe on the side, and I decided to try it out this morning; AND whoa (!), big deal for me for a couple reasons:

1. Uncooked eggs? Salmonella? Really?

2. The reason I don’t eat things like fish for example, is because I’m super sensitive to food textures (sliminess, egg whites).

Out of site out of mind: followed the recipe which called for 1/3 cup of EW (AllWhites Egg Whites), 6-8 oz. of orange, a banana, and for consistency, apple or pineapple juice (I did without); blended up in my Magic Bullet. See other smoothie recipes on AllWhites>>

Final product was thick- and higher in calories than I favored (used more like 12 oz rather than 8oz)- too filling. But because it was really all protein, my body/metabolism ate it up quickly- especially since I’d just come from the gym.

Food texture sensitivity?

I tasted the egg towards the end- and def had to force myself to finish it. I’ll be using much less egg white should I blend this one up again!

Give it a go and let me know when you do!  

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