8 Weeks Up

8 weeks ago I decided I wanted to reach my goal weight (of 165) by today. Then, it was about 18 lbs left to lose. I weighed in every Monday as I worked hard at the gym and with a trainer, to lose it.

Anyone following, probably noticed I skimped out on weigh-ins the past 2 weeks, truthfully… because I stopped working with the trainer, and really had to start pushing MYSELF- more than ever. Frustration took over some days, while other days I’d break the 5 lb streak to the lower end- and hit 177.

Problem is, muscle weighs more than fat, and at this point if I don’t start really CHURNING out the fat left, I’ll stay plateaued around 179-182. Which is OK, but I won’t finish until I LOOK the way I want to look; and I’m not there yet.

Looking at my weight loss entirely though- I can’t help but be so excited for how far I’ve come.  Wonder woman I AM, and have been this entire time. I’ll keep working…things like this, life changing things…take time.

For the curious cats: almost a year ago to-the-day at Culebra Island, PR (where BTW: looking back I didn’t think I looked as beached whale as I now feel I looked,) compared to a very recent photo at the beach.

Today, I weighed in at 179. Total of 65 lbs down in 8 months. Can’t complain huh? 

On the verge of changing your life and losing weight? Need more inspiration? Check out more before after photos>>

Thanks to my mom & sis, MediFast and will power, Will Lanier, friends & family for helping my kick this off and keep it going.

It’s not over until this skinny lady sings though, so stay tuned! 


  1. Kris (@fitisthenewblk)

    Girlie, you look PHENOMENAL! Are you tracking your bf% as well? You’ve lost so much your fat is prob holding on for dear life, lol. Plus, since you have more muscle maybe you should focus more inches and percentages over #’s.

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