Not-so Socially Awkward

As you may, or may not know- I work in Social Media Marketing, where part of my job is monitoring the fans that engage with my client‘s social channels.

Your social influence within any given network, is important- if YOU care, and so of course I do! Decided to use the tools we used to evaluate fans’ influence levels… on myself and thought I’d share.

Using Klout, PeerIndex, and Twitalyzer, I can measure my social influence and authority in the social-sphere. All three measure essentially the same data, “online influence”- but present it in different ways:

– A Klout score of 51, dubbing me a “Conversationalist”.

*As a reference, @Ladygaga current score: 93, @TheRealCarolina (Z100) current score: 62. It varies based on engagement, actions, conversations, discussions etc. Read more about “The Klout Score

– My true reach is 498, more than 50% of my following (!)- this is based solely on Twitter, due to FB privacy settings.

– PeerIndex of 45- an average of my Activity, Authority and Audience:

– Also looks like I talk most about AME (arts, media, entertainment) and TEC (technology, internet):

– Finally, Twitalyzer: a “Social Butterly” with an impact score of 1.4% within the 70.4th percentile; ranking in the 70.4th percentile means that my score is higher than 70.4 percent of the hundreds of thousands of active Twitter accounts being tracked.

Cool right?! I’m pretty influential- but there’s always room for growth!! With tools like these, social butterflies like me can keep up with the big guys out there and the brand a-growing!

Check out your influence, think you’ll be surprised?

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