social media marketing

The Commandments of Social Media

Too often I find myself auditing start-ups’  social media channels and “strategy,” or lack-there-of, and wanting to pull my hair out. To the handicapped in social media marketing, these are very simple “rules” you need to follow that will help organically grow a loyal fan base. “Managing a brand’s social media presence is a tricky balancing […]


In-Store Activation

Love an in-store-to-social/digital marketing campaign done right. Take Subway‘s partnership/CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiative with Diet Coke’s The Heart Truth for example. Whilst enjoying a healthy (I hope) sandwich option at Subway for lunch, grab a Diet Coke too, and simply “Sip.Snap. [They’ll] donate.” Via tweet or instagram, send a photo with your Subway sandwich […]


Not-so Socially Awkward

As you may, or may not know- I work in Social Media Marketing, where part of my job is monitoring the fans that engage with my client‘s social channels. Your social influence within any given network, is important- if YOU care, and so of course I do! Decided to use the tools we used to […]