Key Cards Solution

Who remembers the absurd condition of my key card GALORE keychain? I was basically, and still am, baffled by how many of these key cards I have in comparison to actual KEYS. Loyalty programs by these retailers that just SUCK you in. Memberships, points, rewards, gift certificates- who wouldn’t be lured?

Aside from updating you on the fact that I’ve added 3 additional key cards:

1. SNY (TV home of the JETS)- the Jets 2011 season schedule
2. My Panera (…not for their Pan)
3. Vitamin Shoppe Healthy Awards Program (Hydro Whey Protein shake and Triple Strength Omega)

….I’m also following up with the SOLUTION to my madness about all this, and the answer of course is an APP. Thanks to @Shanella for thinking of me when she stumbled on a Fantabulously Frugal piece on “Get Rid of More Clutter w/ the Free Key Ring App.” Surprise surprise, a FREE app that can solve this entire problem for me. Lisa aka MS Fantabulously Frugal, shares:

“Key Ring replaces all of your membership rewards cards and stores them on your phone for easy access.  Then, when you go to the grocery store they’ll just scan the bar code from your phone instead of the key ring.

I am kind of technologically impaired, so setting this up was SUPER easy… Key Ring will tell you when there are specials that you can take advantage of at the stores… I ❤ saving money!” and girl… SO DO I!

Here are a couple of snapshots of the app in action:

Click here to read the rest of the piece by Lisa and tweet with her @FantabandFrugal. You won’t be disappointed!

Now, in the voice of the Scarecrow (Bolger),

“…if I only had a brai…SMARTER PHONE.”


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