Frankie the Friend

Growing up I was the smart chubby kid who knew all the answers and never got in trouble. I was cute. Not sexy or hot, but cute. Little did I know this was the precedent for the first 16 years of my life.

Through the years I’ve met a handful of the girls I’m very close to now and consider “close friends”. I’m talking about dime pieces guys. Girls that pass by a bunch of the OG’s hanging out on the corner that get up, bow and remove their hats as they observe the beautiful specimens walking by them.

My friends would see pictures and the following conversation took place approximately 85 percent of the time:

“Damn Frankie! You hitting that?!”
“Can you hook a brother up?!”

To these girls I was a good friend. I was the one they would talk to when they were having problems with their boyfriends. That was my role. It went from being close friends to being perceived as a brother. That right there will soften any man’s rock. It doesn’t help that I’m probably one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. So I caught a streak, while in high school, where girls I had interest for only saw me as a friend. I really thought I was cursed for a while.

Now to answer the question: Can a guy and girl be strictly friends?

From my personal experience, I believe that once you understand your role in the person’s life, lines won’t have to be drawn because there will be a mutual understanding that it is a friendship and nothing more. I could be the guy giving them the male perspective minus the bullshit and I could get the female perspective without the drama.

While I’m not always the biggest fan, I’m usually the only male in a group… wherever I go, whatever I’m doing:

– Playing the violin growing up= 6 girls + me,
– Sophomore year (HS) lunch table = 5 girls + me,
– at my current job I am the only guy in a team of seven.

I honestly don’t enjoy being the only guy in a group of women, but in the process I have learned a lot about the women and

it’s also helped me better appreciate a girl’s company without feeling like I have to hook up with them.

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  1. Travieso

    Some things I have to agree with you Mr. Frankie … Once you DO understand your place in a girl-friend’s life, YES, you can be friends without having to draw the line in between BUT what’s up when you have feelings for that friend of yours since the beginning and you just can’t get it out of your chest .. would you hold your feelings or put it aside, if yes, for how long … will it be worth staying quiet while your dream girl goes on in life dating whoever stands on her way or better yet … would you go to her wedding, won’t you be tempted to scream “I oppose” … ???

    1. @Feed_mee

      Hey Travieso thanks for the read, great question and sorry for the delayed response… If this truly is the girl of your dreams then you would not think twice about telling her how you feel. The “dream person” is so specific that you would be able to pick up on these things immediately and you would not let them just slip through your fingers. I think you will unconsciously begin to flirt with the person and a friendship will not really bloom. If you feel a certain way about somebody from the beginning you should make it clear what it is that you are looking to get out of this person. I say, “No secret agendas.” The longer you wait the more awkward the moment will be when you confess that you have been liking them for the whole time.

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