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Breakup Songs: the strategy

(song selections based off my “recently played” playlist on my ipod) Take it from me, nothing prolongs the abandonment and loneliness of a recent breakup like blasting the WRONG songs from your ipod/iphone 24/7. The moment you hear the song that says how you really feel, and more importantly what you really want to say to the dumper (because […]


50 Cheap Date Ideas

Nothing either sex dreads more than a first date. Yes or No? If you don’t dread it than you are at least on edge about where to take the date, and/or how to be budget-friendly. After all, you don’t want to break the bank if she’s not a keeper. Or do you break the bank […]


Annoying FB Behavior

Cosmo compiled a lovely short list of annoying Facebook behavior that guys apparently hate. Is Facebook the reason I’m single? Well, I’ve decided to weigh in on the 7 No-No’s which BTW was probably compiled by a bunch of guys that ACTUALLY look like this: I’ll write GOOD, BAD or OK at the end of […]