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Friday Fact: Real Men Style

Why can’t all men read something like this and like actually put it to use? I can’t tell you how often I see a mashup of the “Too Small” “Too Big” columns in the awesome graphic put together by Real Men Real Style below. Friday Fact? You’re not a real man until you can buy […]


What AskMen Learned in Dublin

So @AskMen went to Dublin for St Patty’s Day to celebrate it like real Irish men as personal guests of Guinness, and apparently we “Americans” have got it all wrong. Let’s just say… I agree. Key takeaway/learning from real Irish men-on-the-street: 1. Pace Yourself (I’ve got it wrong) “You’ve got to start early. You’ve got to start […]


And Then There Were 4

In case you missed it, Man Cave resident Foodie & Baseball aficionado Frankie @Feed_MEE, shared his MLB postseason picks last week– did you have similar picks? As we all know, we’re now down to four and things are getting intense (although not very exciting– Suaz is a Yankees fan.) Click here for the game schedule. LCS […]


#MLBPlayoff Picks

Are you following me on Twitter (@Feed_MEE)? If you are, then on Friday at some point you must have read my tweet: Ladies, anticipate cancelled, postponed or rescheduled dates because it interferes with GAME TIME. It’s that serious. I usually never talk aloud about my predictions because they never turn out to be right, but […]


50 Cheap Date Ideas

Nothing either sex dreads more than a first date. Yes or No? If you don’t dread it than you are at least on edge about where to take the date, and/or how to be budget-friendly. After all, you don’t want to break the bank if she’s not a keeper. Or do you break the bank […]