New hobby alert? Drums fingers… Dr-Evil Finger-to-mouth:

I definitely think I can be one of those people victim to the bandwagon effect, but I’d say it’s more over curiosity than it is popularity or satisfaction in “following” other people. Hobbies are hard to define, for me at least- I guess it’s the answer to the “what do you do for fun” question? In that case, I wouldn’t say I have many consistant, on-going hobbies but I do like to try everything at least once.

While I’ve always thought knitting was an old lady hobby, or a cat-lady hobby, it actually seems quite relaxing and probably quite the time-sucker. A couple of days ago on the train, I witnessed this chick knitting. Not just a normal project or at a normal pace- but knitting like she was on SPEED. Any ideas on WHAT she was knitting? Check it out on the Suaz Cam:

Think I’ll use this lazy Sunday and head to Michaels. Maybe I’ll get started on a knitting project– a scarf or mits for the winter?! I don’t think I’ll be moving THAT quickly though for a WHILE.


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