Battle of the Networking Sexes

[STUDY] be told, via LinkedIn’s analytics team (news to me via Mashable,) “Men are generally better networkers, except when it comes to industries like tobacco and ranching…researchers also found that men were better networkers in the cosmetics industry.” Really?

LinkedIn’s study looks into “networking savviness” research of their members based on comparing men to women and their “connections”, men to women ratio of members on the site, and industries featured within connections and the men to women ratio of members within them.

Couple of things to keep in mind, the data includes some guesswork due to the inability to 100% ensure that members are male or female. Scott Nicholson, senior data scientist at LinkedIn, added, “We can guess a person’s gender using their first name and some previously established techniques using a database of baby names.”

Secondly, and this is my opinion, let’s not forget that a lot of networking still happens in-person. In which case LinkedIn, for many, may solely be a back-up to already having met someone and simply keeping in touch on a non personal-life social network (Facebook.) Seems hard to believe right, since everyone associates networking to new media these days. However, I think it’s fair to say that humanity still craves and needs a balance of in-person with online– using them interchangeably to benefit/leverage the connection. In which case, I’d beg to differ that Men still rule the school.

Check out the industry divide based on the LinkedIn study below– pretty cool data.

Think I should get into the ranching industry? I might be a natural. LOL, sorry- this is a pretty ignorant portrayal of “women in the ranching industry”- but I had to.

One Comment

  1. Cloonan

    seriously ranching? interesting results. (BTW I’m a Cleveland Indians fan…I had Detroit and Milwaukee in as well…ugh…that’s why I don’t work in Vegas.)

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