How to Shop a Sale Rack

Think you know? Most have NO idea. Listen, I love the finer things in life… really.

“I’ve never really been one for the preservation of money…”- Drake (and I.)

BUT right now… no way I’m fooling myself that I can afford the life and things I want. So there’s NOTHING wrong with looking for savings whenever you can. Look at this bag full of goodies I snagged over the summer for under $100!

The strategy for shopping a sales rack is easy, and a must-know–but patience is the most important key to scoping mega deals year round. Here are my steps to getting great deals on the styles you LOVE:

1. (and this depends on your shopping habits/what’s already in your closet,) try to buy one adaptable piece every other weekend. For example, I’ll be shopping for new outfits as I’ve started a new job, and really need a new wardrobe post this weight loss.

2. Allot a certain amount of time at a couple different stores where you know sale racks are often replenished, mine more recently, is Sears. Another good thing to keep in mind is what designers have partnered with the store. At Sears for instance, French Connection has an exclusive like called UK Style. Great line, at amazing prices… and even better when they’re on S A L E.

3. Since you’ve allotted time for your Sale Shopping, you shouldn’t feel rushed at all. Take time and go through every rack, look at every piece at a glance, and take a couple minutes on pieces you think you may like.

4. Now, we know there are things you just don’t need- especially if it isn’t as on sale as you’d hoped- but if you can justify it’s cool factor, trendy nature, and versatility for your wardrobe, I say buy it.

5. Once you’ve cleared the racks of what you love, take it to the fitting room. Again, take   your   time! Try everything on and really think about when/how you can wear it. Can you wear it to work AND spruce it for an after-work-date? ALL things to keep in mind when deciding what to finally buy.

6. Get your butt to that register, and watch the savings drip from the tags right into your closet.

Check out the pieces I bought below- French Connection for Sears, all for ~$80.

Good buys huh?! I think so.


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