Against the Holiday Grain

Guest Blog: Frankie @Feed_MEE

Ever since 3rd grade when asked what my New Year’s resolution would be, I responded by saying I was going to lose weight, every year. Sometimes I succeeded, other times… I failed miserably. Since college graduation (2010) I’ve packed on about 30 pounds. I love food. Mix THAT with a heavy social life and things can get pretty out-of-hand when it comes to keeping an eating schedule, or “diet.”

Since September I’ve been saying I want to shed at least 15 pounds by Christmas. October’s come and gone, and I STILL have not managed to figure out a gym schedule, let alone reassess my eating habits. Within the first 2 weeks of November I had two family celebrations. PS: I’m Dominican. Cue family parties= food, drinks, dessert, and more food.

Finally last week I woke up at 6:30 AM to go to the gym Monday AND Wednesday. Thursday was Thanksgiving, and I felt good. My mind was set. Everywhere I went I would eat… but I would not stuff my face. I volunteered at a family center and had turkey with some potato salad. I had a small piece of cake and pie. I ate again five hours later adding green salad and a nice looking dish with sweet plantains, shredded chicken and melted mozzarella on top. Clearly, I’m not calorie counting here… but trust me… I’m usually 100% more impulsive than that.

I realized that before anything else, it’s about having discipline…and it starts by sticking to an initially intense gym schedule. The gym’s empty these days… gluttonous holiday eaters planning to hit the gym Jan. 1, and skimping out until then. I don’t plan on sitting around and waiting… I’m doing this NOW.

Follow me @FEED_MEE as I #TakeTheGymBack this holiday season.

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: I’m so proud to host guest blogs like this… of friends getting inspired to change their lives, and BE HEALTHIER. It’s around the same date last year where I took MY LIFE back and made the big decision to lose 70 lbs (and counting.) Best of luck to my #BFF Frankie. Let’s follow and support him through his journey! xo Suaz

Want to #TakeTheGymBack too? Click on this TwitPic & RT it to join our mini-movement!

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