Conveniently Nerf: The Hunger Games

Simply put: you’ve been under a rock, far off in never-never land, if you didn’t hear about The Hunger Games. Whether you read the trilogy, tweeted curiously with one of the hashtags, saw someone reading it in the subway, on the news, drooled over the hot breakout lead Jennifer Lawrence, aka Katniss Evergreen… you somehow heard about this movie.

“LOS ANGELES — “The Hunger Games” hit the box-office bull’s-eye over the weekend, taking in a record $155 million in North America and setting up what promises to be one of the biggest film franchises of this decade.”

Social Impact, via Radian6:

Who banked equally with the box-office breaking premier? Any and all brands that landed partnerships and/or leveraged some kind of relationship with the movie, i.e. Nerf Action Blasters (Hasbro.)

At my neighborhood theatre (AMC- Ridge Hill,) anyone interested could shoot foam arrows into a 12-hole (by district) gator board,with what bow and arrow? Non other than the Nerf “Big Bad Bow“.

I wonder what the sales were on these puppies before this movie? All I know if that a spike they will see in sales if this was a promotion at every theatre.

They might have even cracked a new demo market too… HELLO! When have young girls (not considering tom-boys) EVER wanted NERF anything? I’m pretty sure, if I were at least 10 years younger, I’d want a Nerf Big Bad Bow to try and channel my inner Katniss!

Kudos Nerf, kudos.

ps. I read the books over the summer in about 3 weeks (of reading on my 2-hour commute,) and I absolutely loved them. Not the biggest fan of the trilogy’s ending- but a definite page turner. As far as the movie is concerned, I think they did a great job, great cast, great Katniss. Loved the costume design and the visuals of Panem. Excited for the next 2!

pss. my mom was on TARGET in District 5, @TheHungerGames

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