I promise that I am writing this from THE MOST unbiased place in my mind that I can. Many people know I love the Kardashians, but many people also know I have my reasons, and hate discussing it because it always comes down to WHY I love them. People think it’s because of the fake […]


In Te Grated

This is the kind of integrated marketing, advertising mixed with digital, that I L O V E to see. Interested in receiving accolades, prestige AND appear as our print ad in New York Magazine’s Summer Double Issue? Well then text your wittiest caption for this photo by texting “DR” to 30364. Thanks to Duane Reade and […]


Center for Communications

I don’t know the deets on the number of people that effectively use CenCom, but I can vouch it is a hell of a networking, skill building organization revolving around anything “communications”. I’ve been attending their events and seminars since I found out about them in school, everything from Kids media and meeting the voice […]