Dove Girl

I am now a certified Dove. Not actually like the beautiful white bird (although I see why they’d name themselves Dove as their products make you feel dove-like,) but a certified “#doveinpired” Dove!

Thanks to a Mother’s Day twitter giveaway that encouraged @Dove followers to tweet pics of mom if she inspires you alla #doveinspired, I landed a box of Dove swag! Forget that mom actually inspires me, Dove now inspires me to love my body, feel silky smooth and dove-like, and inspire others to do the same!

My Dove swag consisted of a beautiful “Dove” frame ( which I’ll be sending to said inspiring mom of mine in the UK with a pic of us,) a Dove tee and Shea Butter body wash!

Ps: and they did not ask me to blog this…I used the body wash yesterday and let’s just say I felt and smelled (assuming Doves smell as angelic as they look) like a beautiful white dove!

Thanks again Dove!

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