Last Minute Gift Ideas: for the ladies


On the 5th day (part 2) of Christmas Suazmo guest blogger, Connie, gave to me…

3 last-minute gift ideas for the ladies in your life.

1. Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay

urban-decay-naked2-lg“Now every girl loves her makeup but finding the right blend and spending money on different types of shadows can get a little pricey. Basically any type of eye shadow palette will do, but last year Urban Decay came out with the Naked eye shadow palette and I fell in love. It has all the right shades for any type of look you are going for.

Smokey, Natural, Cheeky, Dramatic, Retro, etc. This year they came out with the Naked 2 eye palette and it is even better than the first version. It’s only $50 and you are getting your money’s worth because it comes with 12 different shades.”

2. Nikon COOLPIX S01

S01_RD_front34l_lo.high“I happen to know a bit about technology and cameras. Nikon came out with the COOLPIX S01 and it is the perfect cute, slim and stylish camera that you can take anywhere. It can fit into your jean pockets (it’s actually smaller than a credit card) and takes better pictures than any old camera phone. It’s great for a night out on the town with friends and for Holiday parties coming up. It gets rid of the hassle of trying to carry a bulky camera around. The COOLPIX S01 comes in great colors too like Red, Pink, Silver and White.”

3. A Year of Flowers
YOF_01JAN_13“Now this gift is on the more expensive side but like most girls, I am a big believer of all things pretty and sweet in my life. In my eyes this would be the perfect gift from my currently non-existent boyfriend.

You can order a year’s supply of flowers from Calyx Flowers. So once a month you get pretty flowers to decorate your home, work space or whatever area you want to make pretty! Also, each flower bouquet goes with the season of the month so you get different types of arrangements from orchids to roses, lilies, tulips, tropical exotics and more!”


4. UGGs
Face it guys, your girl is very comfortable in UGGs. You may not want her to wear them mainly because we wear the crap out of them and you think they’re ugly, but no girl can deny a warm pair of UGGs.

Whether they’re classics, moccasins, house slippers — always a win in my book.

5. Longchamp Tote
A bit on the pricier end (depending on the style,) but a gift that gives YEARS of happiness. Longchamp bags are super durable and any girls’ best friend, honestly. No matter the size (although the medium is best,) she will use her Longchamp tote always, i.e. for travel, work, gym etc. Happy gifting!

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