Dear Young Mom,

I cannot deal with your early morning angry rants on the 1 Train. Have some respect “for your fellow passengers” and have the conversation later. I’d actually rather hear your LOUD music so please plug-in those headphones and jam to Bruno Mars instead of loudly revisiting every minute of your morning. Granted I could have just put my headphones in and ignored you but you know what, I didn’t want to today because my back hurts and I think I have strep throat, so whatever.

Luckily I was saved by the Dyckman stop where you knew you’d lose service “going under the tunnel” and decided to continue your conversation on your lunch break.

This is Northbound, but you get it.

After you hung up I really had a chance to analyze your conversation and I’m angry that you have the nerve to complain so loudly. Let me explain.

The conversation was related to a fight you have with your mom every morning. “Why should you leave angry at each other when you never know what may happen before the end-of-the-day?” “Why does she have to make you so angry and irritated before you leave for work when you’re the only one in the house that works and travels an hour to Brooklyn for a 9-hour work day?”

I get it chicky. Totally get that moms, especially Dominican, which I know you must be, are incredibly hard to deal with. I had my own growing up, and I get it.
But then you continued to vent and mentioned “your daughter” and how your mom won’t get her fat ass up to take her to school every morning. REALITY CHECK HOMEGIRL. YOU CHOSE TO HAVE A CHILD AT A TIME WHEN CLEARLY YOU WEREN’T FINANCIALLY READY. It is not your mom’s responsibility to take her to school, it is yours.

While your mom can definitely be supportive, and you’re lucky she has been, who are you to get mad at her for not doing things to your liking? You should have thought about how your kid would get to school before you decided to have the kid.

I’m totally passing judgement on a situation I have no solid information to go on here, I know. But from what I do know, which was 10-13 minutes of fast conversation, I heard enough and guess what? My mom had me when she was 23 years old, and you looked older. Whether my grandma was interested in helping my mom out or not, my mom took on the responsibility of having a child, moved out, and raised me, and my sister, on her own. No help.

I know times have changed and it’s hard. Everything is more expensive and jobs are harder to find. But then you should be even more patient with your mom because she’s HELPING YOU OUT.

I think I’m good now. Just, seriously, like from all of us on the train, even the guy that shushed you, be considerate. Be mad all you want that you live at home with your daughter and your mom isn’t shitting rainbows about it all day, but don’t vent about it when we’re all equally as frustrated to be working an 8 hour work day.

Sincerely yours,

– Suazmo

PS: this has been another lovely installment of Suazmo’s “Today on the Train

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